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Retired Visa is a temporary stay visa issued for a retired/senior foreign citizen who wishes to visit and stay longer than 60 days in Indonesia.

The visa shall be valid for one year and could be extended for not more than 5 (five) time consecutively. It means that this special visa can be extended for up to five years. The Retired Visa is a single entry visa.

This still allows the visa holder / free to travel outside Indonesia and back to Indonesia within 12 months with the exit re-entry permit from the Immigration Office.

Conversely, if the visa holder has not wanted to stay in Indonesia, the visa does not need to be extended and need to apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum age 55 years
  • Must have a good health & character
  • Should not work in Indonesia


  1. A passport with at least 18 months validity from the date of entry into Indonesia, which has at least one blank page for visa (amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa).
  2. Two recent color photographs (passport size) with white background on picture-quality paper.
    Note: Do not staple or affixed the photographs on the form.
  3. Completed and signed application form (in duplicate).
  4. Pension fund statement or bank statement from the country of origin (or Indonesia).
  5. Proof of a life insurance.
  6. Proof of a health insurance.
  7. Proof of third party liability insurance.
  8. Copy of Employment Contract of Indonesian domestic worker(s) during stay in Indonesia.